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Terrible lizards is a podcast about dinosaurs with Dr David Hone from Queen Mary University, London and Iszi Lawrence. The podcast is aimed at grown ups but it is clean, so kids can enjoy it too.

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Apr 22, 2024

We all know about how common dinosaurs can be in places like Europe, Argentina, the US, China and Mongolia, but they have turned up in dozens and dozens of countries and on every continent, including Antarctica. Unsurprisingly, it’s a very tough place to work, it costs a ton of money, and there are not that many dinosaurs to be found, but they are there. Today we are joined by Matt Lamanna of the Carnegie Museum who has spent multiple field seasons on the chilly continent and he tells us about lush forests, tiny dinosaurs, ancient birds and modern penguins. So join us to learn about what is perhaps the last great unexplored area of dinosaurs, the bottom of the world.





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