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Terrible lizards is a podcast about dinosaurs with Dr David Hone from Queen Mary University, London and Iszi Lawrence. The podcast is aimed at grown ups but it is clean, so kids can enjoy it too.

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Nov 25, 2020

This is a between-series BONUS that was previous released to Patrons on Patreon. In it a palaeontologist makes up for Dave’s inadequacies when dealing with the ornithischians. So welcome Dr Victoria Arbour of the Royal BC Museum of Victoria, Canada to talk with Dave and Iszi about the armoured dinosaurs, the...

Nov 4, 2020

It the end of series questions episode. This time Iszi and Dave... well Dave mainly answer Patrons' Dinosaur questions. Including

How would dinosaur evolution panned out if the asteroid had missed?

Could sauropods swim?

Is the Blue Whale REALLY larger than dinosaurs?

Were there dinosaur KT extinction survivors in...

Oct 28, 2020

The idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs has actually been around for a century now, though it has perhaps only become relatively common knowledge with the general public in the last couple of decades. Even so, while many people now know this, quite why we know the two groups are linked (aside from the plethora of...

Oct 21, 2020

There are a few animals that are basically motionless for part or even most of their lives (like barnacles) but the average animal is one that moves. Dinosaurs obviously did so, but things inevitably get complicated quickly when trying to work out exactly how well they could run, jump and climb, how fast they were and...

Oct 14, 2020

It’s commonly known that Tyrannosaurus carnivorous, but this is perhaps as far as most people would be prepared to go. Other than the most obvious points (the ones in its mouth for starters) though, what do we actually know about dinosaur diets and how do we know it? In this episode Dave and Iszi dive into the guts...