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Terrible lizards is a podcast about dinosaurs with Dr David Hone from Queen Mary University, London and Iszi Lawrence. The podcast is aimed at grown ups but it is clean, so kids can enjoy it too.

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Jan 27, 2021

No guest this week, just a lot of Dave talking. We’ve obviously mentioned his research at various times but never really focused on it before, but now a new and big paper has just come out on the famous giant fish-eating Spinosaurus so it was a great opportunity to kick off the new series with a special on it. Many...

Jan 20, 2021

The new series of Terrible Lizards - a Podcast about Dinosaurs with Dr Dave Hone and Iszi Lawrence is starting on January 27th 2021. Guests include Emma Kennedy, Adam Rutherford, David Krentz, Andy Riley, Sophie Scott and Chris Jackson.

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