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Terrible lizards is a podcast about dinosaurs with Dr David Hone from Queen Mary University, London and Iszi Lawrence. The podcast is aimed at grown ups but it is clean, so kids can enjoy it too.

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Sep 27, 2023

Odd ideas in palaeontology

Palaeontology as a scientific field is beyond popular in the media and with the public but that also means it draws a lot of attention from those with, let’s call them, questionable ideas. And no group gets more of this stuff than the dinosaurs and the animals of the Mesozoic. This time out,...

Aug 30, 2023

It is the mega questions episode! Due to Dave etch-a-sketching everything in his life, making things like access to the internet an unusual hurdle, we decided to do answer as many questions we could in an hour. We didn’t manage to run out of questions. Big thanks to Trisha, Sophia, Matt, Roy, Harris, Marcus, Noah,...

Jun 28, 2023

This week a ‘what I did on my holidays’ from Dave, though it wasn’t a holiday and he dug a hole in Utah and looked at a ton of museums and quarries. The Morrison Formation is a legendary slice of dinosaur history with a huge number of famous sites, important fossils, and features animals like...

Jan 25, 2023

We are into series 9 now and still going, though starting with this episode, in a bid to be more consistent and less panicked about completing series and the gaps between, we’re moving to being a monthly podcast. So no end in sight yet for all you dinosaur (and sometimes pterosaur) lovers. 

Anyway, we’re kicking off...

Nov 30, 2022

The end of the series is our favourite - we answer your questions! 

A massive thank you to our patrons who contributed the questions. Go to for a bonus episode out next week.

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